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What's hot in the wedding and event industry right now!

Updated: May 9

Hire a Content Creator

An economical way to get some great photos, videos, BTS, and footage of your day back within 48hrs and ready to post. If you are into social media this right here is for you! (Ask us about ours)

Content creator working on a social media post.

Black and white photo station

In lieu of a photo booth, A great interactive option is a black and white photo station for all your guests during the cocktail hour. A professional photographer (From our team) will photograph your family and friends in live time and create authentic, stunning images. (Ask us about ours)

Photo from an event with a black and white photo station.

Photo station

Step into the spotlight with our cutting-edge photo station experience, the hottest trend in event photography right now. Say goodbye to traditional photo booths and hello to a fully immersive set where you and your guests can strike a pose and capture unforgettable moments in style. Our photo station offers a unique and interactive way to elevate any event, providing a personalized touch that sets us apart from the rest. With professional photographers on hand to capture every smile and candid moment, you can be sure that your photos will be nothing short of spectacular. Whether it's a wedding, corporate function, or special celebration, our photo station is guaranteed to be the highlight of the night, creating memories that will last a lifetime. (Ask us about ours)

Photo shoot in Rhode Island.

The Year Of The Mini

Honey, we shrunk it. All of it. From bouquets to cakes and afterparty dresses, 2024 is the year of the mini. These pint sized details are delivering big though—who says no to a mini cone of french fries attached to a champagne flute? Not us. This is an easy trend to embrace regardless of the party you're throwing. If a mini dress isn't your vibe, ask your wedding party to carry posies down the aisle or serve guests a personalized pie in lieu of a slice of cake.

Flower girls at a wedding

Ice Sculptures

We know what you're thinking lol this is not the ice sculpture from your parents' wedding. Not to be confused with an ice luge, this frosty decor is more personalized, like a work of art. Your fur baby can't make it to the reception? Sculpt him in ice! Create a table from a thick block to display your cake; or double up with an abstract sculpture that houses the raw bar at cocktail hour.

Ice sculpture at a special event.

Drone Photography

You're right, drones aren't new, but they are one of our favorite trends that grows in popularity every year. For starters, having options when it comes to the visuals of your day is #goals. But what we love most about drone photography is the angles, especially if you're saying I do outdoors. Many photographers and videographers offer aerial photography as part of their packages, recognizing the magic of seeing your first kiss (and all the people you love) from above. (Ask us about ours)

Videographer holding his drown camera for filming events.

Audio Guest Books

Instead of asking guests to pen a few words on paper, record their well wishes on a vintage phone. These fun retro accessories double as recording devices - and the ultimate wedding keepsake. While a note is always nice, there's nothing quite like hearing your grandmother share some marital wisdom or your college roommate crack an inside joke - especially long after the wedding day. Audio guest books are a wedding trend we could see lasting well beyond 2024. (Ask us about ours)

Phone at a wedding

Experiential Entertainment

Sure you've got your band or DJ on lock, but why not delight your guests in a new way? Live painters will commemorate your wedding day on canvas (talk about a great wedding gift to yourselves). Couples are also hiring sketch artists to blend in with the crowd at cocktail hour and surprise guests with 5x7 portraits of themselves in their wedding best. These keepsakes can double as unique favors too.

Portrait at of a wedding

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