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Top 10 reasons to do a 1st look at your wedding!

Updated: May 3

If photography is a priority to you

Let’s face it, your wedding photography & videography is a huge investment! Your photographers are there to capture the images that you will decorate your home with and the images you will look at and cherish for decades to come. If photography is a priority to you, then a first look will allow your photographer at least 40 percent more time to create images for you which will ultimately make the most of your investment.


More time/more creativity with your photographer

Since a first look allows you more time with your photographer & videographer this also allows your team to get even more creative with their videos & shots. This extra time can be used for both traditional and non-traditional/fun and candid footage. Without a first look there is a rush to get the must have images completed and this generally doesn’t leave a lot of time for the non traditional photos.

Genuine reactions in a relaxed setting

Since your first look is a private moment for the two of you, there won’t be tons of people staring at the two of you seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. It’s just the two of you in this beautiful moment together with no pressure and no one watching. This creates a very relaxed and genuine emotion and will inspire that initial reaction you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s an intimately, special moment set for just the two of you

With a first look, you’ll get more than just a 60 second walk down the aisle. Your wedding day is one of the fastest days of your life and you’ve been waiting for this special moment for so long so why not take this time together to let it soak in and say “OMG! We’re getting married!” A first look allows you to slow down and take the time to fully be in the moment together and enjoy each other before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

You look your BEST! 

A first look is usually always set up for immediately after you’re finished getting ready so you’ll get first dibs to see each other looking your very best. At this moment everything is perfect and you’ll both be looking flawless for each other

No pressure

You will not have the pressure of others waiting on you to take photos. A first look removes the feeling of being torn away from all of your guests and family immediately after the ceremony and having to rush through portraits. If you do not opt for a first look and all of your photos are taken after the ceremony, then there is only so much time that can be taken before your family, bridal party, & guests get antsy. Remember, they’re all there to see and congratulate YOU and cannot wait to do so.

Bridal Party: Opting for a first look will allow you to take almost all of your bridal party photos before the ceremony. This allows for your bridal party to have few, if any, photos needing to be taken after the ceremony. Bridal Party wants to get on with the celebrating so a first look gets them to cocktail hour as soon as possible. Which is a plus considering that they are most likely all very hungry and ready to eat.

Enjoy Cocktail Hour

You, your new husband or wife, your family, and your bridal party all get to enjoy cocktail hour. And honestly, who doesn’t look forward to a good cocktail hour? It’s been a full day of wedding activities and everyone is hungry and ready to have a cheers to the newly married couple. So why make anyone wait? And why wait yourself? You’re paying for the martini bar and the impressive sushi station so you should get to enjoy it. Grab a cocktail and some mini cheeseburgers and say hello to all of your favorite people.

Convenience and time

Deciding to do a first look gives you more time! Setting up a first look allows you to create a better game plan for the day and guarantees that there will be no rushing around. With a scheduled first look you get to set the time frame for portraits immediately following it so you end up with extra cushion time for the best photos possible. After the ceremony you only have an hour to accomplish family portraits, wedding party portraits, and your portraits with your husband/wife so this time tends to feel rushed.

Time alone

After the “I Do’s” and the kiss and the ceremony ends, everything is a whirlwind. Guests are pulling you in every direction, then the DJ is lining you up, then you’re partying the night away with all of your guests and moments where it’s just the two of you are far and few between. If you choose to set up a first look, you’ll be setting aside time for just you and your husband/wife to be alone to enjoy the moment and each other. Just the two of you!


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